Rutherford Count Habitat for Humanity Committees


The principal purpose is…



Volunteer/Church Relations

To help recruit volunteers for all Habitat building projects, events and committees, and to recognize all volunteers’ work for Habitat.

To create, develop and maintain positive relationships with the faith community, and to establish covenant relationships between the affiliate and a significant percentage of the faith community. An additional purpose is to coordinate fund-raising within the faith community along with the Resource Development Coordinator.

Wendy Sanders
Larry Blanton
Wayne Webb
Sue Leslie



The construction committee develops the affiliate’s inventory of standard house plans; in collaboration with the family services committee, determines sweat equity requirements; develops the affiliate’s own construction manual; helps identify and recruit long-term, volunteer site supervisors and crew leaders. The construction committee works closely with the Construction Coordinator and family services committee, as well as the volunteer coordinator.

Works with the Construction Coordinator to investigate and acquires property, does site maintenance and building preparation, may be involved in infrastructure design. Inspects all possible sites, to judge those most suitable for building, and to recommend building sites to the Board of Directors.

Bob Bourne, Chair
Pete Link
Rob Monta
Doug Tribou
Fred Dennis
Perry Gaffney
Mike Lyda
Brannon Freeman



To exercise the authority of the Board of Directors at such times as the board is not in session, except to the extent prohibited or limited by the bylaws or by resolution. Also, to oversee the implementation and administration of policies and procedures relating to volunteers and employees, of the corporation, coordinates the strategic and long-range planning activities of the corporation, monitors and evaluates the performance of the corporation with respect to the achievement of its mission, purposes, and goals.

Priscilla Downs, Chair
Bob Bourne
Ken Sanford
Andy Francis
Kim Freeman, ex officio


Family Services

To screen applicant homeowners and to recommend selections to the Board based upon Habitat criteria.

To provide support to families who are in transition to owning their own home, helping them during the period from selection through home ownership to become responsible and independent homeowners.

Fred Bayley
Kim Roberson
Melissa Thompsom
Sally Calroni
Charlie Yelton
Susan Keith



This committee is responsible for overseeing the affiliate’s financial and administrative activities, including the audit and budget functions. It also is responsible for implementing and reviewing policies that foster good stewardship and money management. The committee ensures that there are adequate financial resources available, and that there is no deficit spending for the programs of the affiliate. This committee develops, oversees, and reviews the affiliate’s budget; coordinates the various elements of the budget; and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval of the budget. The affiliate treasurer chairs the committee while the executive director is an ex-officio member. This committee will advise the board on more complicated financial matters such as leveraging mortgages and accelerated asset recovery.

Andy Francis, Chair
Bob Bourne
David Truscott
Bill Buck
Brian Long



The nominating committee is responsible for recruiting and selecting a board that is effective and representative of the entire community. It is the committee’s responsibility to identify and recruit prospective directors of the affiliate and present a slate of nominees for election as directors at the annual meeting. The nominating committee often presents a slate of officers as well. The committee must take care to ensure that the community is well represented and the board has a useful balance of talents and community contacts.

Priscilla Downs, Chair
bob Bourne
Ken Sanford
Andy Francis
Kim Freeman, ex officio


Resale Store

To design and oversee operations of a Resale Store in Rutherford County to generate funds to build homes and create community awareness of Habitat for Humanity.

Nell Bovender
Bill Honeycutt
Kim Freeman
Ken Malone
Don Harris
Jimmy Okpych