Qualifications Overview


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Are You Ready To Provide A Safe, Decent, Affordable Home For Your Family?

  1. Are you unable to obtain a conventional home loan?

  2. Is your current home overpriced, overcrowded or in disrepair?

  3. Are you willing to help us build your new home?

  4. Are you able to make monthly mortgage and escrow payments?

    1. Do you meet the income limits listed?

      1 13,579 27,525
      2 15,503 31,425
      3 17,427 35,525
      4 19,351 39,225
      5 20,905 42,375
      6 22,459 45,525
      7 24,013 48,675
      8 25,567 51,825
      *Income levels are set annually by US Department of Housing & Urban Development and are 30-60% of the median income. (Note: Minimum income limits have been adjusted to reflect the income required to afford the mortgage payment for the house size required for the family size.)

      *FY 2012 income limits summary--HUD

If You Meet Any Of This Criteria, Contact Us Today For More Information.